Adding a Single User

Step 1: Select “Users” from the menu on the left

Step 2: Select “Add User” from the top right corner

Step 3: Select “Add a User” to create a single user

Step 4: Then fill in the user information required as indicated below

Step 5: Select the type of user role to assign to the bank user.

  1. You will get the below prompt confirming that the user has been created.
  2. However, the user creation will need to be approved by the Branch Approver.

  1. Below is an image of the created user pending on the approval of the Branch Approver

Step 6: The Branch Approver would need to login to approve this pending request.

  1. Below is the user that was created which is pending approval on the Branch Approver.

Step 7: Select “Approve” to proceed to approve.

Step 8: Carefully review the details of the user that has been created.

Step 9: Select “Approve” to approve after your review.

  1. You will get the below prompt that you have successfully approved the user creation.
  2. The created user will immediately get the login details to login into the portal.