Step 1: Login as an Institution Branch Creator user

Step 2: Select “Add User” from the top right corner

Step : 3 Select “Add Bulk User” from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Download the upload template from the portal as seen below

  1. Below is the format of the upload template to fill.
  2. The Branch ID must be the SORT CODE of the branch.
  3. The Role must be as seen on the portal.
  4. Is Activated must be 1 for “Yes” or for “No”
  5. No” means the user will not be able to login after being created until the user is activated.
  6. While “Yes’ means the user will be able to login after being created.
  7. Complete the excel and save

Step 5: Select the file by clicking “Select file” in the box

  1. You will be navigated to your document folder on your PC.

Step 5: Locate the save excel upload template and select “Open” to upload 

Step 6: Then Select “Upload” to upload the file.

  1. After successful upload, the Branch Approver would have to login to approve the users, same process used to approve the single user.