Step 1: After successfully logging in with the Enterprise Account, enter the UserID of the user you wish to add as an Enterprise Admin in the field named "Admin UserID" as shown in the screenshot below.

(Please check this link for the steps on how to get your UserID)

Once you have entered the UserID, it will be validated and return the name of the user that owns the UserID. That is if the UserID is valid.

Step 2: Select "Add New Admin" to complete the process in step 1.

Go to "View Admin" to view the Enterprise Admin users that has been successfully added to your institution by the Enterprise Account.

Please note: The Enterprise Admin will not get any email notification after being added as an Admin. The Enterprise Admin user is expected to login with these details;

  • Enterprise ShortID
  • UserID, and then
  • One-Time Password

Please refer to this page for how to login as an Enterprise Admin.

To deactivate a user, on the "View Admin" page select "Deactivate" to disable a user. You can enable a user if the Action on the user is showing as "Activate".