An institution can access the virtual NIN validation service after they must have been profiled by the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS).

Step 1: The institution would receive an email which will contain the Login Credentials for the Enterprise Account.

The credentials would include ;

  • Enterprise Short ID
  • Username
  • Password

Below is a screenshot of an example email notification with the credentials for an Enterprise (institution).

Step 2: Go to on your browser.

Step 3: Select "Enterprise Management"

Step 4: Enter the Username and the password from the email received in Step 1 above.

Upon Successful login, you will be presented with the below default view.

This view enables the use of the Enterprise account to add Enterprise Admin users.


Enterprise account is not the same as an Enterprise Admin user. The role of the Enterprise account is only to do the following;

  • Add Enterprise Admin users
  • Manage Enterprise Admin users
  • View Audit logs, Verification and transaction history

The Enterprise account credentials is received after NIBSS has profiled the institution/Enterprise.

While the role of the Enterprise Admin user is to do the following;

  • Manage Agent (Agents are the users that can verify/validate virtual NIN)
  • View NIN verification report
  • View Billing


The Enterprise Admin user credentials is added using the Enterprise Account. No email is sent to the Enterprise Admin user after being added. The Enterprise Admin user is expected to login with the Enterprise ShortID (sent via email as part of the Enterprise Account credentials) and the UserID of the Enterprise Admin user.