1. Products can only be created on an existing Biller profile.
  2. To create a product login as an Institution Biller Creator.

Step 1: Select the Biller you want to create a product for. The search filter box can also be used to search for the particular Biller.

Step 2: Select “Add Product” and choose from the drop-down menu either to add a single product or add bulk product.

Step 3: Fill in the product details

Step 4: Then select the Sub Brand for this product from the list of Sub Brand that were created at the time of creating the Biller.

Step 5: Select the amount type;

  1. Fixed means there is a fixed amount the Biller wants customers to be paying.
  2. Blank means that the customer get to chose the amount to pay to the biller.
  3. Integrated is used for complex biller which is handled by NIBSS.

Step 6: Enter the account details for the product.

  1. The account number here is the account where payments for this product would be credited to.

Step 7: Select “Next” to continue.

  1. This page allows the Institution Biller Creator to design the different fields of the details that the Biller would want customers to provide when making payment.
  2. This fields could be for details like Customer name, Amount, Date, Phone number, email address, Location etc.  

Step 8: Select “Add” to begin adding the different form fields.

  1. When the user selects “Add” a drop-down list of the field types will appear to choose the type of field you want based on the type of information the Biller want customers to provide.
  2. For example, for details like phone number and amount the field type would be “Number”
  3. For details like customer name, Location etc., the field type would be “Text”
  4. For details like date, the field type would be “Date”
  5. So go ahead and add the required fields.

  1. The below image shows 3 form fields that have been added for “Customer Name. Phone Number, and Amount”.
  2. These are the field the Teller/payer would see on eBillsPay when making payment to this biller.

Step 9: Select “Preview” to see what the forms would look like.

  1. The below image shows a preview of the three (3) form fields that have been created.
  2. The form fields can be deleted from the preview page if there is need for deletion.

Step 10: After the preview, if all the product forms fields are okay the user can proceed to complete the product by selecting “Add Product

  1. Below is the product which has been created and pending for approval.
  2. This would require the Institution Biller Approver to login and approve.
  3. The Product can be deleted by using the action button on the right of the product details