1. To start the process of onboarding a Simple Biller, an Institution Biller Creator user and an Institution Biller Approver user are required.
  2. The below image shows the dashboard of an Institution Biller Creator upon successful login.

Step 1: Select “Create Biller” to proceed.

  1. The page shows the information fields that are required for the biller to be created.

Step 2: Proceed to fill in the information.

Step 3: Create a Sub Brand for the Biller based on what the biller has requested for.

Step 4: Enter the name of the Sub Brand and select "Add Sub Brand"

  1. More Sub Brand can be added based on the Biller’s request.

Step 5: Upload a logo for the Biller by selecting the “Browse File” button.

  1. You will be navigated to the file location on your PC to select the logo

  1. Below image show the image file name “Logo.png” that has been selected as the biller’s logo.

Step 6: Select the “Upload” button to upload the image.

Step 7: After selecting the logo from your PC select “Upload” to upload the logo.

Step 8: Select “Create Biller” to complete the creation.

Note: If you do not select upload button to upload the logo you will not be able to proceed to create the Biller.

  1. The image below shows the Biller has been successfully created.