1. For a Biller to be approved, the Institution Biller Approver would need to login.
  2. The below image shows the dashboard of an Institution Biller Approver user.

Step 1: Select “Biller” from the menu on the left.

  1. The list of Billers pending on approval would be displayed as seen in the image below.

  1. The below dialogue box will be displayed for the Institution Branch Approver to review the details of the biller before taking any action.

Step 2: To approve the Biller, select “Approve Biller

Note: Products, Billing and Notification can only be setup by the Institution Biller Creator when the Biller is first approved.

  1. You will get a confirmation dialogue box asking the Institution Biller Approver to confirm the action.

  1. The Institution Biller Approver will get a successfully prompt confirming the Biller has been successfully approved.