There are two ways to get your virtual NIN. One is by using the NIMC Personal Mobile App, and the second way is by using a USSD code (Dial *346*3# on your registered mobile phone)

Step 1: Login into the NIMC Personal Mobile App on your phone. Select "Get Virtual NIN" on the home page.

Step 2: Select "Get Started"


Step 3: Select one of the 3 options to find the name of the institution who you intend to give your virtual NIN.

The first option "Search Approved Enterprise" allows you to search by typing the name of the institution.

Option two requires you to enter the Enterprise shortCode which should be provided to you by the agent.

Option 3 requires you to scan the QR Code of the institution. The agent can provide the QR Code for you to scan.

Below is an image of what the Enterprise ShortID and the QR Code looks like.

We will use the first option "Search Approved Enterprise" for the purpose of this user guide.

Step 4: Search for the name of the institution in the search field.

Step 5: Select the institution from the displayed list.

Step 6: Select "Proceed" to continue.

An image of your virtual NIN will be displayed as seen below.