The bulk actions section enables institution admins to carry out many changes for their Institutions. The following bulk actions are possible.

  • Bulk enable/disable of users
  • Bulk update of assigned user role/branch
  • Bulk creation of users

Step 1: From the "Select Bulk Action" dropdown button select the action you want to carry out.

Step 2: Once you have selected the option from the dropdown, the "Download Template" will allow you to download the upload template for the required bulk action.

Step 3: Proceed to download the template, then fill in the required information in the excel template and save it.

Step 4: After filling and saving the excel template, return to the NISBS Document Hub portal and upload the template.

Step 5: Click on "Upload File" in the box as seen in the image above. You will be directed to the folder on your desktop or PC. Locate the save excel template and select it.

Step 6:  Select the required action from the "Action" dropdown button and select "Submit". 


A template with sample details for any bulk action can be downloaded on the bulk actions page.

The admin user must download the template provide the necessary details and then upload and submit it to carry out bulk actions.

Feedback is provided on the successful and failed records.

A maximum of 50 records can be treated per bulk upload.