1. What is the meaning of NQR? 

NQR means Nigeria Quick Response Code and it is a secure platform for merchants and individuals to make and receive fast and instant payments. 

2. How does NQR Work? 

Merchants on the NQR platform display QR Codes generated to receive payments at their locations. 

Payers/customers select the NQR option on their banks mobile application and scan the displayed NQR Codes to make payment to the merchant. 

Merchants and Payers get instant notification of payment made. 

3. Who can use NQR? 

Merchants/Business Owners, big or small, can use the NQR to receive payments from individuals and get instant value in their bank account. 


4. What are the benefits of NQR? 

NQR provides many advantages over existing e-payment solutions to both merchants and payers. These include: 

  • Instant value to merchants for all transactions. 
  • Zero cost of on-boarding, infrastructure and otherwise, to the merchant. 
  • Instant notifications to both merchants and payers of payment made. 
  • Lower transaction fees across the various price bands
  • Little to no chargeback or dispute issues, as transactions are first authorized at the payer’s bank before being pushed to the merchant’s bank (push transactions) 
  • A reconciliation and reporting portal for merchants. 


5. What are the Transaction Fees for NQR? 

The fees applicable for NQR payments depend on the type of payment and the transaction amount. 

The following fees apply for Payer to Business (P2B) transactions 


Transaction Bands Fee 
Below N250 N0.50k
N250 - N999.99 N1.00k 
N1,000 to N4,999.99N5.00k 
N5,000 and AboveN25.00k 


6. Are there any minimum or maximum transactions limits on NQR? 

Yes, but the transaction limits are determined by the payer’s bank. 

7. Where do I go if I have a dispute to redress? 

NQR builds on the existing instant payment infrastructure. Payers should please contact their banks to resolve any and all issues regarding NQR payments. 



8. What do I do to be set up for NQR usage as a Payer?

Payers can gain access to the NQR via the mobile banking application of their bank of choice. To set-up your bank’s mobile banking app, kindly visit your bank website or any branch of your bank for assistance. 


9. What do I do to be set up for NQR usage as a Merchant? 

Merchants should visit Google Playstore to download the NQR Merchant app. Merchants will then subsequently register as a merchant with their bank of choice by submitting: 

(a) Last Name 

(b) 11 digit BVN 

(c) Account Number. 


Merchants will then supply the OTP sent to the phone number registered with their bank of choice to complete set-up. 


10. How do I get my NQR Code as a merchant? 

QR Code can only be generated after the merchant has successfully created a sub- merchant, as the QR Code is mapped to the sub-merchant and not the merchant. 


11. Can I receive payment as a merchant? 

Yes please, but only after you must have created a sub-merchant. This means that every merchant MUST have at least one sub-merchant to be able to receive payments. 


12. Where can I use NQR to receive payments as a merchant. 

Merchants can display the QR Code in their physical locations for payers to scan. Merchants can also use NQR as a means of payments online on their websites. Merchants should engage their banks for online payment with NQR. 


13. How do I create a sub-merchant as a merchant? 

a. Log onto the merchant backend console https://qr.nibss- plc.com.ng/mer.php/Login/index. 

b. Go to “Retails Collection” and select the +Add button. 

c. Fill in the required details and select “Confirm” to create. You can also create a sub-merchant with the NQR Merchant App which is available on Google Playstore. 

14. What do I have access to as a sub-merchant? 

As a sub-merchant, you will have access to view and download your QR Code. A sub-merchant will receive a welcome email containing the QR Code as an attachment to download. (This is only applicable when the sub-merchant is created via the NQR console). When a sub-merchant is created via the NQR Merchant App a welcome email is sent with the sub-merchant ID and an instruction to setup login PIN on the NQR Merchant App. A sub-merchant also has access to view transactions of payment received. 


15. Where can I view transactions of payment received as a merchant/sum-merchant? 

A merchant/sub-merchant can view transactions on the NQR Merchant App. A merchant can also view transactions on the NQR merchant console. 


16. Can I access the NQR Merchant App as a sub-merchant that was created via the NQR console? 

Yes please, a sub-merchant only needs to download the app and setup the login PIN. Afterwards, the sub-merchant will be able to login to the app with just the sub- merchant ID and the PIN. 


17. Where can I find the QR Code to download as a merchant? 

As a merchant, you can download the QR Code of your sub-merchants on the merchant backend console, under “Retail collection”. You can also log into the NQR Merchant App as the sub-merchant to see the QR Code. 


18. How do I setup my bank account details (collection account) as a merchant? 

The account is setup during merchant registration, as this is part of the information provided during onboarding/self-onboarding of a merchant. 


19. Can I change my existing bank account details or add new bank account details? 

Yes please, for merchants who onboarded themselves via the NQR Merchant App. However, merchants who were onboarded by their banks need to engage their banks for request to change or add bank account details. 

20. What do I do as a merchant/sub-merchant if a payer is debited for an NQR payment without credit into my merchant bank account?

 NQR payment is instant, meaning that the merchant should receive credit instantly once the payer is debited. However, merchants are encouraged to check the transaction records on the NQR console or the NQR Merchant App to confirm if the record of that particular transaction is captured as successful. Where merchant did not receive credit, and also has no record of that transaction, the payer should be advised to visit the payer’s bank. 


21. How do I refund a successful NQR transaction to the payer as a merchant? 

The feature that enables merchants to initiate refunds will soon be available on the NQR Console and NQR Merchant App. However, merchants should engage their banks to initiate refunds for now. 


22. Can I create sub-merchants by batch upload? 

No please, merchants can only create one sub-merchant at a time. Kindly engage your banks to create your sub-merchants by batch upload. 


23. What do I do when I get Wrong Account or Password whenever I attempt to login into the NQR merchant console? 

Please carryout these checks 

  • Am I using the correct URL for merchants (https://qr.nibss- plc.com.ng/mer.php/Index/index) 
  • Am I using the correct password, if not sure please use the "Forgot Password" option to reset your password


24. What do I do when I get Wrong Verification whenever I attempt to login into the NQR merchant console? 

This means that you are entering a wrong Verification code on the login page. Carefully enter the regenerated Verification code and re-attempt to login. 


25. How do I get my login profile as a bank/institution user? 

Kindly engage your institution Admin. 


26. What if a bank/institution user is unable to access a particular menu/function on the NQR portal? 

The user might have been given only the privileges required based on the required function. However, the user should engage the institution Admin further to possibly update the privileges. 


27. What if a bank user needs a profile or privilege update? 

The user should engage the institution Admin. 


28. How do I get the template for merchant and sub-merchant batch upload? 

The templates are available for download on the NQR portal. You will find this on the Merchant Batch Import and Submerchant Batch Import for Merchant and sub- merchant batch upload respectively. 


29. Where do I get the settlement report for NQR? 

As the issuer bank (Payer’s bank), the settlement report is available on the NQR portal. As the acquirer bank, the settlement report is available in the NIP settlement report portal. 


30. How do I get access to the settlement report on NQR portal? 

Kindly engage your institution admin user to profile and grant you the required access

31. What is the cause of the error message “Unknown Bank code” in a failed batch upload for merchant onboarding? 

This could either mean that you are using the wrong bank code (Which should be the 6 digit NIP code) or the leading zeros in the codes were not recognized in the template during the batch upload. If the Bank code is correct, then ensure the template sheet is well formatted to retain the leading zeros and save the template as an excel format (xlsx). 


32. What is the cause of the error message “Account name mismatch” in a failed batch upload for merchant onboarding? 

This error only occurs when the account name in the batch template is not EXACTLY what is obtainable on the Core Banking Application of the bank/ICAD. The correctness and the account name order of all account numbers are expected to be validated prior to the batch upload. 


33. What causes the error “Interface permission does not exist”, when an Institution is attempting to upload Merchants? 

This occurs when Interface permissions has not been granted to that Institution, to be able to carry out that particular function, the Admin User should engage NIBSS to grant the Interface permissions needed.    

34. What happens when Institution Admin/Users are unable to see the icons on the    NQR Console? 

The User should log out of the portal, clear Cache and re-attempt to log in.