• What is NIP Bulk?

NIP Bulk is the NIBSS Instant Payment Bulk service. With NIP bulk, you are able to initiate a single debit to multiple beneficiaries at a time.

  • What platform can be used to initiate NIP bulk payments?

The NIBSSPAY Rebuild portal and API. Clients can also be onboarded directly to the NIP bulk API.

  • What is the maximum size of the file that can be uploaded on the Rebuild?


  • What is the maximum number of beneficiaries that can be uploaded in a single batch?


  • What is the maximum amount limit per file?

It is Limitless

  • What is the maximum mandate amount length?

12 digits

  • What is the minimum amount that can be processed in a batch?

The minimum debit amount is N100.00, while the minimum credit amount is N1.00

  • How many days does it take to process a transaction?

NIP bulk is an instant payment service.

  • How can I get reports of transactions I have initiated?

Reports are available as soon as the payment is completed.